The Sound of Music

Brigid as Brigitta Von Trapp
Granite Theatre
October 11 - November 17, 2013
Young cast highlights ‘Sound of Music’

“But it is the Von Trapp children (Rodger, Andrew Faria, Spencer Stanley, Grace Gilbert, Brigid Fitzgerald, Chloe Morehouse and Bobbie Doherty) who, appropriately enough, provide some the most charming musical and dramatic performances of the evening. Under the stage and musical direction of David Jepson and Stephen DeCesare, and choreographed by Lisa Clough, this septet of junior thespians truly lights up the stage and delight the audience with their smiles, timing and energy. From Rodger’s defiant yet vulnerable Liesl, to Stanley’s chuckling and enthusiastic Kurt, to little Doherty’s endearing and adorable Gretl, the young cast is to be congratulated for their flawless performance.”

–The Westerly Sun

“Another highlight of the show is the seven talented performers who play the children. They play their parts marvelously, making them realistic and not robotic. Some of the best child performers around. From the exuberance of "Do Re Mi" to the fright of "Lonely Goatherd" to the excitement of "So Long Farewell" to the harmonic, poignant "Sound of Music" and the frightened rendition of the concert numbers, these children also excel with strong line deliveries and facial expressions. The talented children are Stephanie Rodger as Liesl, Andrew Faria as Friedrich, who hits a high G in "So Long Farewell",  Grace Gilbert as Louisa, who is very mischievous, Spencer Stanley as Kurt, who sings the lead in "Sound of Music", Brigid Fitzgerald as Brigitta, who always tells the truth including telling Maria that she is in love with the Captain, Chloe Morehouse as Marta, and Bobbie Doherty as Gretl.”

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