Miracle on 34th Street

Brigid as Susan Walker
Ocean State Theatre Company
December 4 - 29, 2013
Ocean State Delivers Undeniable Holiday Spirit with MIRACLE ON 34th STREET, THE MUSICAL

Brigid Fitzgerald plays her daughter, Susan, and the two have beautiful chemistry and some great, touching scenes together as a believable mother-daughter pair. Fitzgerald shows great presence and confidence on stage, where she clearly has a future should she choose to pursue an acting career.”

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Chorus line Christmas

Fitzgerald as the conflicted Susan is a star in the making; she has a stage presence that is never lost, no matter how large the scene; her voice is pitch perfect and the power that resonates from such a diminutive body is quite remarkable. Her voice blends beautifully with that of Wheeler in “Arm in Arm” and with that of Koons in a reprise of “Pine Cones and Holly Berries.”

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Brigid Fitzgerald is charming as young Susan, a devout non-believer in Santa Claus or anything she cannot see, touch, taste, etc. due to her mother’s disenchantment with her father, with love, life and everything. She is pert and perky, convincing as skeptic and just as convincing in her transformation into believer at the hands of Kris Kringle and Fred, who likewise enchants her. Her duet with her mother is a delight. She also shines in her duet with Fred, 'My Wish' and her duet with Kris, the reprise of 'Pie Cones and Holly Berries'."

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Miracle on 34th Street is Magical

“Actor Richard Koons plays a convincing Kris Kringle with a white beard and kind, jolly personality. Mr. Kringle is hired to be a Macy’s Santa Claus and claims to be the real Santa. But the young Susan Walker, played by a sassy Brigid Fitzgerald, doesn’t believe in Santa Claus due to a no-nonsense upbringing by her mother. “I’m not supposed to believe anything I can’t see, hear or touch,” she chimes throughout the play.”

 – Mia Nguyen, Rhode Island Monthly

Miracle on 34th Street

“Wheeler is terrific as the jaded divorcee, Doris, who learns to let down her guard, and Jeffrey Funaro is equally charming as her bachelor neighbor, Fred. As each other’s love interest, both actors make cute to the audience’s benefit, and Fitzgerald shines as Susan, their unwitting matchmaker.”

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OSTC celebrates Christmas with ‘Miracle on 34th Street’

“It’s a simple, uplifting story about believing and having faith. Richard Koons plays Kris Kringle, a Macy’s employee who really believes he is Santa Claus. To add a bit of romance, we have a single mother (Megan Wheeler), who teaches her daughter that Santa is but a myth. Doris Walker’s neighbor, Fred (Jeffrey Funaro), tries to show young Susan (Brigid Fitzgerald) otherwise. You can see where the “opposites attract” scenario is going right from the get-go.”...“Fitzgerald wowed Theatre-by-the-Sea audiences as Annie this past summer. She is a delightfully poised young actress.”

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A mixed ‘Miracle’

“The best performances come from Richard Koons (Kris), Megan Wheeler (Doris) and Brigid Fitzgerald (Susan). All three are natural and likable, with clear, strong voices. Koons creates an intelligent and happy-go-lucky Kris and his scene, when he listens to the Christmas wishes of the little Dutch girl, is among the most touching of the show. Wheeler creates a strong, but sympathetic, woman who keeps her emotions in check. Fitzgerald – a Kingston resident – is charming as the somber little girl who has been taught to value truthfulness and doesn’t know how to play.”

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‘Miracle on 34th’ a nice change of pace

Brigid Fitzgerald, who was in last summer’s “Annie” at Theatre By The Sea, is an impressive Susan, Doris’ little girl.”

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